Golden Square Manual

#  How to Add new location and location information:-
1.>   Add new  Location content  .  (Add Content  ->  Location)
2.>  Go to the front page ,click on the Admin -> Resources.
3.>  Create a Category for each Location. Example: Koramangala, J P Nagar, etc.
(Inside Resources click on the Categories -> Add Category.)
4.>  Create a Unit Type. Example: 2 Seater Conference room, 5 Seater Virtual Office, etc.
(Inside Resources click on the unit type -> Add Unit type.)
5.>  Create each individual Unit. Example: Room#25, etc.
(Inside Resources click on the Units -> Add Unit.)
6. After creating the category block will appear in blocks. Enable block And enable other side bar blocks in the new location.
# How to set mails to the costumer :-
* Using Rules Module and UC_Cart module  we are handaling costumer order emails.
Rules Module :-  
Add Event: Customer completes checkout
Condition: Content is of type, Data selector=node, Content types=Article
Action: As per your requirement.
ex:Email an order invoice.